Improve Your UX With a Niche Approach

Mass appeal is a myth. I know that goes against what we’d all like to believe, and your eternal optimist inside probably shouts, “Hey! My product is actually for everyone.” But honestly, it’s true; mass appeal is a myth. Don’t panic though… Being niche does not mean fewer paying customers. Focussing in on a niche is a good thing, scratch that,[…]


Why designers should reject Apple’s love of minimalism

Pauline Saglio on making digital interactions more tangible, and human. Thanks largely to Apple’s love of minimalism, we interact with the digital world in increasingly pared-back ways. Touchscreens are now ubiquitous, and pinching, swiping and tapping have become shorthand gestures to get what you want with the minimum possible effort. But screen-based interactions don’t have[…]


It’s time to kill the personal website

  It’s the year 2017 — social media sites are competing for attention, and even the powerful and highly-regarded use blogging sites like Medium. With that in mind, does the average user need a personal website? Who are You, and What do You Want? Usually I see people put together personal websites to advertise themselves[…]

What Do Mobile Users Expect in an App?

A few months ago, Barcelona played Paris Saint-Germain in another Champions League classic, and got its head smashed in with a 4-0 defeat. Everyone stood in shock. Barcelona, who regularly humiliates opponents with scores like this one, got hammered – on Valentine’s day, of all days – and people couldn’t handle it. This is soccer[…]

Image Optimization for Websites

When it comes to displaying images on the web, there’s a tight line to walk. Make them too large or too high-resolution, and your website will slow to a crawl. Make them too small or too low-resolution, and you may make your users squint. It’s not the sexiest thing in the world, but a good[…]

Why I joined Microsoft

Why I joined Microsoft

The best career advice I’ve received so far is, “Never turn down an interview.”I generally follow this advice because you only have so much time in life to make an impact. Recently, I realized taking your own advice is much harder than I imagined… which is how I *almost* turned down one of the biggest opportunities of my[…]