Responsive tables are the most common ways to represent tabular data in HTML emails. Learn about the best practices and the card layout design approach. Email development relies heavily on the use of tables. In our experience it’s best to use them in every aspect of layout and structuring. That is the basis of our[…]


How Intercom brings play into their design process

An Interview with Stewart Scott-Curran, Director of Brand Design Intercom is the darling of the brand design world. With its playful, raw illustrations and the feel-good animations, it’s no wonder they’ve snagged the eye of users as well as its peers. They not only build quality customer communication products, but their entire team is clearly[…]


Five ways voice search will affect SEO in 2017

Neither are Cortana and Google Now (or its upgraded version, the Google assistant). Skeptical as we were when virtual assistants became a thing, we’ve grown to use them a lot, for real day-to-day tasks – like searching for things online. According to MindMeld, in 2015 voice search jumped from zero to 50 billion searches a[…]


For Web Developers, Speed Is the New SEO

If your website doesn’t load in half a second, you’re building it wrong. We are in the golden age of mobile. Nearly every person in this world uses a mobile device when looking for information online. For this reason, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have catered to the needs and behaviors of these mobile users worldwide to[…]