Responsive design workflow in Sketch

Scattered layouts and inconsistencies: responsive design can be a pain. To ease it, we’re working on an effortless, automated workflow – and we’ve already got the first plugin ready. We’ve all been there at some point: you’re designing for multiple screen sizes and you’re getting lost in the chaos of all those different screens, text[…]

Why Mobile Menus Belong at the Bottom of the Screen

The way you use your mobile phone can affect your brain. A research study has found that daily mobile phone users have a larger somatosensory cortex. That’s the region of the brain that controls the thumbs. Further research has found that most users use their phones with one hand. When they hold their phone, they’ll use either their[…]


Five Ways Designers Should Develop Empathy

Empathy. It’s a virtue. It’s a valuable quality in any human being. It’s a distinct advantage in connecting to people. It’s also kind of the latest design buzzword. But it’s not just a trend. You see, designers are figuring out that being able to empathize with and understand other people leads to creating better interfaces[…]

People Don't Buy Your Product, They Buy Your Story.

People Don’t Buy Your Product, They Buy Your Story.

The secret to persuasion, influence, and motivation is a formula deeply grounded in storytelling. It’s not surprising that Michael Margolis begins one of his TEDx talks like this: “I’m a junior in college and I’m walking along…” Stories and storytelling are Michael’s business and his passion. I was delighted to chat with Michael recently by[…]

UI Designer Salary Research of 2017 in the United States

In recent years due to the rise of mobile internet, it has led the popularization of UI design. Nowadays big internet companies are increasingly focused on interaction design and user experience, and several internet behemoths have established UI design departments one after another. As people expect more on user experience of internet products, UI has[…]


Why is Whitespace in Web Design So Powerful?

Whitespace, also known as “negative space”, is the space in a design occupied by nothing other than a background colour or a faint background image. Not every space in a design needs to be filled, and this is true whether we’re talking about designing leaflets or designing user interfaces. In fact, empty negative space can[…]