Red, White, and Blue

Eight rules about color palettes that everyone should know Human-computer interactions are heavily based graphical UI elements and color plays a critical role in this. As Pierre Bonnard once said: Color does not add a pleasant quality to design — it reinforces it. When designing a new product, it’s often difficult to decide on the color scheme because of the[…]

Homepage Links Remain a Necessity

Summary: A site logo linking to the homepage is not enough. Logo design and placement, as well as the presence of a text link to the homepage affect success of navigation to homepage. People Rely on Links to the Homepage A direct, one-click link to the homepage is a must-have on websites. There are several reasons[…]


How to Have Better UX Before UI Begins

When you hear “user experience” (UX), you might immediately think of website design. While you are not wrong to associate the two concepts, this illustrates a major pitfall to which some websites designers are prone – confusing UX with UI (user interface). UX is about more than just what the user experiences while on your site.[…]

Growing a UX tool

Part 3 of the series exploring the potential of a True UX tool. I’m building and sharing small prototypes and writing about it. The goal is to gain a deep understanding and perhaps build something valuable along the way. Part 2 was about the speed of text commands. I’ve asked around both online and offline and early[…]


Designing for iPhone X

The iPhone X (read: iPhone ten) is officially here, well it will be on November 3rd. It rocks an edge to edge Super Retina Display with a resolution of 1125×2436px. It also has a cut-out at the top of the screen where you can find some futuristic face unlock features. Designing for this beautiful machine[…]