Performance Testing—Tools And Waterfall Diagrams

Not all performance improvements are equal. If your CSS file loads in 100ms, but your images take 20 seconds to load, it makes more sense to focus on the images before trying to squeeze extra performance out of an already performant CSS file. In order to know where to spend your time to get the[…]


Six Steps to Better WordPress Site Security

When I was a teenager I always had problems wrapping my head around my friends getting drunk at parties and doing stupid things like unprotected sex (proven by unintended pregnancy later). Also, when I would get myself summer jobs I saw other workers breaking new and fancy building tools just because they did not bother[…]


6 Ways to Improve Long-Scroll Mobile Websites

In this fast-evolving digital world, a designer’s aim is to help the user save their valuable time by simplifying user experiences. The more simplified your design is, the more conversions you can expect, and since we currently exist in an era where mobile devices own the majority share of the market, this can sometimes be[…]


Why Developers Hate WordPress

I have a feeling that if you’re here, you either strongly agree or disagree with the title of this article. That’s fine. This is an opinion piece, so feel free to feel however you’d like. But I have data to back me up! According to the 2017 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 64.5% of respondents said[…]


Five Things I Learnt as a Designer at LEGO

That sink-or-swim experience influences much of my approach today. Here are the top five things I picked up inbetween all of the pickled herring, liquorice-flavoured everything, and hygge*. *Don’t ask. 1 — Every point of the experience matters Often as a designer or entrepreneur, the focus is on the product, testing learning and shipping — however, the product is[…]


Whiteboard Design Challenge Framework

Why write about whiteboard design challenges? Very recently, I experienced a long spree hunting for design jobs. This process was exhausting and very enlightening in terms of what I valued as a designer, my thought-process, and how I tackled challenges that were extremely time sensitive. At first, it was all about just finding a job,[…]