Twitter to roll out bookmark feature soon


Social media platform Twitter is working on a ‘save for later’ feature. This was revealed by company product manager Jesar Shahon Twitter.

She said, “Hi Twitter! Many of you (especially in Japan!) have said you’d like to be able to easily + privately save Tweets for later. Right now, people bookmark Tweets by liking, DM-ing to themselves, or Retweeting. But this could be easier.”

According to the video shared by her, the add to bookmark option will be available by clicking on the three dots. All the tweets that you bookmark can be viewed under the profile section on the Settings page. The tweet also said that the users will be able to “privately save Tweets” implying that the users whose Tweets you bookmark, will not be made aware of the action.

So far, there is no information about when this feature will be rolled out. The bookmarking feature comes soon after Twitter said that it is soon going to relax its 140-character limit and extend it to 280 characters — double the existing cap — in most languages around the world.

 The 140-character tweet has been a signature of the social network since its launch in 2006 and originated from the use of SMS text messages. Twitter’s founders, including Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey, wanted a limit just below the SMS cap of 160 characters.

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